Coaching Testimonials

We love helping and educating not only our clients but also other realtors! We believe in giving back to the community in a variety of ways, and we are proud to have a positive effect on others and see their lives change for the better! See how we’re helping other realtors below!


"Since we began coaching sessions three weeks ago, I have improved so much on my schedule. I went out of my comfort zone and started practicing door knocking, which has been working incredibly for me.


I have gained so many leads and new prospects all thanks to your coaching calls.

You helped me determine the three important pillars for building my success and I can see the improvement in such a short time."


- Anastasiya, K.


“My goals in my real estate career are to grow, grow, grow.  I have been in the business for 16 years with a ton of training.   I have always known that even the best, need coaching. So, I've committed to myself that in getting to that level it would require coaching. I am really happy with you as a coach, because it in this phase of my business I believe you can help me achieve that goal.  You are helping me establish a blueprint to success.  My first goal is to go from a 6-million-dollar business in volume to a 10 to 20 million dollars in volume in the 15 months. With that you are helping me to put systems in place that should not only track but give me some consistency.”

- Paula, S.



“Today I completed my 3rd coaching call with Kathy Pippin. I am so pleased with our coaching thus far. I liked that we took some time before jumping into the actual coaching initially just to get to know each other and have a casual chat. It gave me a chance to get an idea of who she is and how she approaches her business. It also gave me a chance to share some of my goals and let her know what I was hoping to achieve. And I can tell since then that she was paying close attention to everything I shared about myself and what I'd like to achieve.


Since then, we've been moving full steam ahead. Each call builds on the next and we began with identifying the foundation of my business or the pillars. Kathy took the time to find out what my strengths are and gave me options to choose from based on our conversations. Nothing too far outside of my comfort zone that I won't do it but also branching out a great deal more than I have in the past. With each call, she's given me weekly goals to achieve and a detailed plan for each step. I really like the sense of accomplishment I get when I complete all of my assignments with the added bonus that there are things that I no longer have to focus on because they are finally done! 


We're working on several different aspects of my business and Kathy is full of ideas that I hadn't thought of. I have a clear plan for moving forward in several different areas from farming to social media and how to eventually bring them all together. Now when I think of my business, I feel motivated rather than overwhelmed and uncertain. I'm excited to see where I'll be in the next 6 to 12 months with Kathy's guidance!”

- Amber, K.


“Kathy was great providing expert advice during contract negotiations to make sure I wrote a successful offer. She was always also available, morning, afternoon, and night. I don’t think I had to wait more than 30-45 minutes to receive an answer from her when I had a question, most times she replied immediately. She explained in detail both the buying and selling process and, more importantly, she went over all the documents that are needed to for each transaction, how they need to be filled out, and who needs to sign them. Finally, she put me in contact with local vendors when I needed something (list signs, photographers, etc.) and know who to reach at Samson when I had a question about accounting, legal matters above what a realtor should know, etc.


Although we briefly discussed some marketing strategies, I don’t think the mentoring program is designed for the mentor to help you build your business. It is a program which goal is to provide the mentee with a point of contact to answer any questions he/she has about being a realtor, to make sure the mentee stays compliant as he/she dives into his/her first real estate deals, and to have someone to help the mentee along the way by providing insightful advice and keeping him/her accountable while building his/her our own business.  Kathy did all that and more!”


- David, F.



“Thank you so much for the valuable information you shared with me so far. Helping me to find my target was very helpful and made my goal clear.

Today's meeting was really productive as you helped me make a great plan to target an open house in my farm area and get those flyers ready to start a door knocking in the neighborhood before the open house, I love it and feel like it's going to be a great start.  Thank you again and looking forward for the next meeting.”


- Ahmed, G.



“I would like to thank you for your assistance and guidance during my mentorship program at Samson Properties. You have been a helpful mentor in providing advice, responses to my question, and queries throughout the process.  I appreciate your availability at different times, including the late evenings. Though our mentorship program has ended, I hope you would still be open to provide any advice that I may have in the future. Thank you again.”


- Sushil, K.


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you as my coach. Our weekly one-on-one meetings have helped me to remain focused on my business by setting weekly and long-term goals. It has also made me more accountable knowing you were going to follow up with me during our sessions.


In addition, I appreciate your responsiveness when I have reached out to you for a question or guidance.


I look forward to our business relationship growing in 2022.

- Linda, H.

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