Selling Your Property With Us

For most people, their home is their largest financial asset, and deciding to sell it is a big decision that involves a lot of preparation and work. When you're ready to sell it's important to have an experienced real estate professional handle the details involved for a successful sale and for top dollar.

Selling a property, it requires a holistic review of all important factors. You have probably seen some properties sitting on the market longer than normal, or you have seen a house going under contract and then few days or weeks later it is available again. Wonder what could have gone wrong there?

There are a host of reasons that the property did not sell. Some important details could have been overlooked by the realtors that were hired to do the job which made the deals go south. When your biggest investment is on the line, who you work with matters. We encourage you to choose wisely as that could be costly you time, or money or both.

Our thorough evaluation of price, condition, competition, and market comes to play on every sale we have. With our years of expertise, top-notch marketing & negotiation skills and great resources behind us, we have been helping families and individuals to sell their properties for top dollar year over year.

Imagine getting closer to your real estate goals, whatever that maybe. We work with you, side by side to get you there. It’s simple as that!

Here are the steps we will take to work for you:

1) We will explain the current market conditions and review the seller’s agreement. This will indicate how long we will work together.

2) We will help you price your property. We will do this by researching and providing you with a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) to support your selling price.

3) We will help you with calculating the costs associated with selling your property and give you an estimated sheet of your proceeds at the closing.

4) We will discuss our 25-point marketing strategy.

5) When we bring you an offer from a purchaser, we’ll assist you with negotiations and deciding on the best offer for you.

6) Once we have a ratified contract and your property is “under contract”, we will manage all the deadlines and update you through the process. We are there with you from start to the end and be with you at your closing day as well.

Our goal is to market and sell your property for the BEST POSSIBLE PRICE AND TERMS, and to serve you for years to come.

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